Important Job Information


Drywall jobs span 2-3 days.  But...after the first day, which is the longest, the next couple of visits are just to sand and put coats to strengthen the joint or repair.  Unless specified in the estimate, I will not paint the repaired area.

If I am drywalling a ceiling, the color of the repaired area, once dried, will not match the rest of the ceiling.  If you want, I can paint over the area with new paint.  But, again, it probably will not match, simply because you can almost always tell when an area is newly painted.


Also, the texture of the ceiling will be flat. I am able to apply some texture to ceilings, but there is a high probability that you will still be able to pick out the area.  


Tile jobs might seem easy, but they are actually quite difficult.  After laying out the tile pattern, the next step is to secure each tile to the floor.  Then, depending on the type of adhesive, the tile needs to sit from 24-36 hours before grouting.  And DO NOT walk on it!

Once grouted, it will need to sit undisturbed for another 24-36 hours before walking on it or cleaning it.  

You can be sure, though, that after the grout dries, and I'm gone, there will be a film and some grout stuck to the tiles.  Fear not!  All you need to do is mop and scrub just a bit and it'll look beautiful!


I never know what I'm going to find once I get into a rotted area of wood.  

Sometimes, I can dig out all of the rot and fill it in with wood filler.

When this happens, I will use a wood filler. The system that I use to make these repairs requires multiple days.  The first day is the filling and sculpting.  Then, I come back and sand the dried wood.  

Although I have a lot of experience with repairing and sculpting wood, sometimes I have to fill in areas that have sunk or hardened in a weird shape.  

Be patient. It is amazing how good it will look after a couple of coats of paint!