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                                                 TERMS OF SERVICE


First and foremost, Tools of Her Trade, LLC (TOHT) wants you to have the best experience possible — to be 100% satisfied with all the work done. Transparency, communication, and honesty are TOHT’s core values.


These values are reflected in a private “mini-site” where all job information is stored including the number of hours worked, pictures, notes, change, and attachments. Please be sure to check the site using your estimate link as often as possible to make sure we are on the same page as the job progresses. 





Your approval of the estimate constitutes your agreement to these terms of service. In order to start a job, the homeowner must approve the estimate and acknowledges that up to two hours over the estimated time may be worked and charged without prior approval by the homeowner. 


The scope of work and pricing for this contract is based on conversations and any walkthroughs completed by TOHT and Homeowner. TOHT has taken reasonable measures to ensure that the scope and pricing represent all of the project requirements, but cannot guarantee a final price due to the possibility of unforeseen complications. 



The invoice is cumulative, meaning that there is one total invoice for this job. Charges are added daily, and the invoice amount will reflect every time I add or modify a charge. The invoice will also reflect any payments.


Unless otherwise agreed, I require payment at the end of each day of service for labor and any materials I've purchased. Depending on the size and estimated cost of the job, I will require a deposit of 1/2 of the estimated price before I begin working. 


If you are not available when the work is completed, you have 24 hours from when you receive the invoice to check the work done and submit payment. If I do not hear from you within this time frame, the assumption is that you are satisfied with the work I have done for you. A late fee of $20.00 PER DAY following this period will be added to your invoice. If payment is not received within 30 days, further action will be initiated. Please see the Dispute Resolution section herein.



When I complete each day of work, I record the total number of hours and detailed notes regardless of the number of estimated hours per service. You can see these details by using the same link used to approve the estimate. 


I often work on different parts of the job at the same time (ex. while paint is drying, I might work on drywall repair). So, while I might go over the estimated hours for one piece of the job and under for another, the actual number of hours worked will reflect the total number of estimated hours, unless there are additions or changes to the original estimate.



In the event that complications arise, including (but not limited to) bacterial growth, insects/animals, structural damage, wood damage, improper installation of flooring, walls, stairs, lighting, doors, water damage, plumbing, electrical, or building code violations are discovered after the project begins, TOHT will stop work on the project and only restart after a decision has been made about how to proceed. 


Your verbal, text, email, or other written mode of communication constitutes your agreement to the additional work. The homeowner understands and agrees that any unforeseen complications may increase the final price of the project including service and supplies.






















There are times when a homeowner has a variety of small jobs they want to be done, and no estimate is needed.  If no estimate is given, correspondence by text, email,  phone call, or verbal request when onsite, constitutes agreement to these terms. Work will continue until completed, or when there is an agreed-upon time to stop. 



The homeowner is responsible for procuring any permits or approvals required for the completion of the projects listed in the scope of work. This includes any zoning changes or changes to applicable covenants or local building guidelines.  Tools of Her Trade (TOHT) shall be responsible for any professional licensing required for the execution of the work outlined in the scope of work.



The homeowner agrees to maintain adequate property insurance to protect against loss or damage due to theft, fire, vandalism, etc.  TOHT maintains reasonable liability insurance to protect against personal injury or loss.  Both parties agree to provide copies of the insurance certificates for their respective policies to one another upon request.



The homeowner is responsible for moving furniture and other items out or away from the area that will be worked on. Many jobs require sanding, which leaves a fine dust in the air that will settle for several days. 

The homeowner is responsible for cutting back any bushes, trees, or any other landscaping that may interfere with the work to be done. If the homeowner requests that TOHT cut back the landscaping, TOHT is not responsible for the look of the landscaping after it is cut back.



Prior to making the final payment, the homeowner will have the opportunity to review all completed work with TOHT. If the homeowner does not report any issues with the work done within 24 hours of the last date of service, the job will be considered satisfactory, and payment will be due per the terms here.



TOHT does not offer or imply any warranty for supplies or materials used for the project. Any defect or failure of parts or materials used in the project shall be the sole responsibility of the Homeowner.



The Homeowner and TOHT agree to make reasonable efforts to resolve any disagreements related to this contract between themselves. In the event that the two parties cannot agree on an issue, both parties agree to resolve the issue through a civil court located in Hamilton County, Indiana. The decision of that court shall be considered final.



This services contract shall be governed by the laws of the state of Indiana.




The Work Supply fee includes everything I need to complete the job – minus the Project Materials. If the scope of the job expands, the supply fee may increase.

Examples of Work Supplies include:

  • Wood Repair – Proper wood screws, wood hardener, wood filler, sandpaper

  • Drywall – drywall mud, spackle, tape, patches

  • Painting – caulk, drop cloths, roller covers, brushes, clean up materials, tape

  • General materials - fasteners, adhesive, caulk, etc.


Project Materials are items purchased specifically for your job. The cost of these materials are not included in the estimate due to the variability in prices.


   Examples of Project Materials include:

  • Wood to replace the trim

  • Grout for tile repair or installation

  • Drywall boards and joint compound

  • Paint / stain


If I purchase materials for you, I add 25% to the retail cost plus the time it takes to get them charged at my hourly rate. Unless you specifically tell me what you would like for me to purchase, or how much you are willing to spend, I will purchase the highest quality materials I can find.

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