Work Materials / Work Supplies

There is currently a national shortage of building and home repair supplies, including wood, drywall, repair compounds, screws and nails, hangers, etc. The prices of these supplies are fluctuating sometimes daily, and obviously, I have no control over that. Therefore, the supply charge may increase slightly based on what is happening to prices during the time of your job.


Rather than nickel & diming, a flat work supply fee is added to the estimate and invoice, specific to the type of work being performed.


This includes everything needed to complete the job – minus the work materials.


Examples of Work Supplies include:

  • Wood Repair – Proper wood screws, wood hardener, wood filler, sandpaper

  • Drywall – drywall mud, spackle, tape, patches

  • Painting – caulk, drop cloths, roller covers, brushes, clean up materials, tape

  • General materials - fasteners, adhesive, caulk, etc.


Materials are items purchased specifically for your job. The cost of these materials are not included in the estimate due to the variability in prices.


   Examples of Work Materials include:

  • Wood / PVC

  • Grout for tile repair or installation

  • Tile / Flooring

  • Drywall / Backing boards

  • Paint / stain


If I purchase work materials for you, I add 25% to the retail cost plus the time it takes to get them charged at my hourly rate. Unless you specifically tell me what you would like for me to purchase, or how much you are willing to spend, I will purchase the highest quality materials I can find.