Work Materials / Work Supplies

Some jobs require WORK MATERIALSThese are items purchased specifically for your job

Examples of Work Materials include:

  • Wood 

  • Doors

  • Trim / Door frames

  • Grout 

  • Drywall boards 

  • Paint / Stain


If I purchase work materials for you, I add 25% to the retail cost plus the time it takes to get them charged at my hourly rate of $55.  Materials are usually purchased before the job starts, however, I may need to leave and purchase something during the job.

Every job requires WORK SUPPLIES like nails, glue, tape, sponges, paint brushes, drop cloths and caulk.  Each job requires something different, so rather than building these supplies into my hourly rate, I have a flat fee for work supplies that will be listed on the estimate and invoice.

Wood Repair

Wood hardener, filler, sandpaper, stripper, etc.




Trim Work

Sanding, nailing, caulking, touch up paint, etc.




Stripping, sanding, cleaning, brushes, etc.




Brushes, covers, drop cloths, sandpaper, etc.

$75 per color per room

Drywall Repair

Joint compound, tape, spackle, sandpaper, etc.


$75+ based on size of job

Simple patch vs. new drywall 


Caulk stripper, caulk, etc.



Grout removal and installation tools, sealer, cleaner, etc.


General Supplies

Minor caulk, paint, patching, assembling, etc.



Mon - Fri: 7:30am - 3pm(ish)

Weekends depend on my availability

Summer and holiday hours may differ

l'll get back to you as soon as I can, which may be a day or two.

(I don't always respond immediately if I'm on a job)

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