Wood Rot

Everybody knows that wood rot is a big problem - if it's not taken care of properly, it can cause structural damage to your home.


Exterior Siding

The bottom of the siding on this house was completely rotted out, but it was hard to see because the trim over it looked ok!

But...when I took the trim off, look what I dug out!



Even though your fence looks ok, it's still important to watch for rot.

One place it loves to hide is behind the latch and hinges.

Wood rot is caused by the perfect storm: Wood + O2 + Warmth + Moisture

Obviously, if you don't have wood, you won't have rot!

Substrate (wood)

There's nothing we can do about keeping the O2 away.


This depends on the temperature outside most of the time.


YES! We do have some control over moist conditions!


So?  What do I do to avoid wood on my siding, trim, deck, and railings from rotting?


1.  Keep it painted

2.  Keep away from standing water

3.  Keep the air flowing (cut back bushes/ivy)

4.  Call Dana - she can take care of it!

I'd be happy to come take a walk around your house to see if there is any wood that is rotted, or is on the verge of rotting.