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Tile jobs might seem easy, but they are actually quite difficult.  After laying out the tile pattern, the next step is to secure each tile to the floor.  Then, depending on the type of adhesive, the tile needs to sit from 24-36 hours before grouting.  And DO NOT walk on it!

Once grouted, it will need to sit undisturbed for another 24-36 hours before walking on it or cleaning it.  

You can be sure, though, that after the grout dries, and I'm gone, there will be a film and some grout stuck to the tiles.  Fear not!  All you need to do is mop and scrub just a bit and it'll look beautiful!

If I am removing grout or replacing just a couple of tiles, there is a chance that an adjacent tile will chip or crack. If this happens, you will be responsible for purchasing the replacement tile.

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